How Kumon improved my skills, mentality

Dear Kumon,

Thank you for the big difference that you have changed in my mentality as a student! 

Since I enrolled in Kumon, my academic life has become less burdensome, and my academic performance has improved each year. The idea of learning how to write concisely really sparked my interest in continuing my journey as a Kumon student. Because of the practical learning strategies that I have developed from the Kumon Program, I was able to have the Scholastic Award in fifth grade, which I am so proud to achieve.

Kumon has also helped me to use effective study habits to reach my dreams properly. These habits include discipline, time management, and above all, having a solid commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed. Aside from improving my writing skills after enrolling in the Reading Program in Kumon, my communication skills improved. Since then, I have become more active in class recitations and have also been elected as a leader in class. Therefore, I always get high scores in school and find it easy to understand all subjects.

I am now in Level K (Learn how to support an opinion using information from a passage through analyzing and interpreting elements of literature). I am proud to say that Kumon helped me build self-confidence throughout elementary school, so I graduated as Rank 1 in sixth grade! I am thankful to have great Kumon teachers and my family, whose guidance helped me become better. I owe my achievements to Kumon because the advantages created a significant influence in improving my mentality. With a positive attitude and commitment to learning, I can overcome the hurdles on my way.

Christoper Ramizares Erispe
E. Rodriguez-Cubao Center

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