How to prepare for a new school year?

How to prepare for a new school year?

An exciting time is right ahead of you! You’ll have a chance to meet new people, have new friends, learn new things, and make a fresh start as the new school year starts in a few days.

It’s okay to feel a pang of nervousness behind the excitement as long as you don’t let it get in the way of you having a wonderful first day of school! We have listed tips to ease the uneasy feeling and help you get up and go!

  1. Maintain good study routine

Consistency will help give you a good head start this coming school year. Keep following the good study routine you have developed over the years or the summer. By consistently doing this, your routines can become habits. In no time, good learning practices will become second nature to you. 

  1. Catch up or study topics ahead of time

To make the most of the next school year, try to catch up on topics you found difficult last year or study topics you will tackle soon. This is where your Kumon study comes in handy. It will allow you to recall the topics you have studied before or prepare you for new ones.

With a good grasp of your lessons, you can take your time and enjoy learning.

  1. Refresh your study space

Whether you’ll be doing online, face-to-face, or hybrid study next school year, it’s important to refresh your study space.

Please keep it clean and neat by wiping or disinfecting surfaces and organizing your school supplies, notes, and worksheets. Remove items that don’t spark joy and replace them with things that inspire you to advance this school year. 

  1. Restock your study supplies

For many, shopping for school supplies is an activity that truly marks the beginning of a new school year. 

Remember that buying school supplies go beyond buying decorative pieces or items that will end up in storage. Use this time to purchase learning materials that you will need and will inspire you to study harder.

  1. Get some needed rest and have some “me” time.

Eat food that will nourish your body. After all the preparations, you need to have some rest. Start regaining your energy by clocking in enough sleep time. 

And, rest doesn’t only mean sleep! Dedicate special moments to refuel your inner self. Take this time to relax your mind by doing activities that make you truly happy. You can spend time alone to gather your thoughts and reflect on what has happened and what will come your way.

Breathe in and out! Give these tips a try, and before you know it, you’re having the best first day of school!


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