How to prepare for your first Kumon class day?

You never forget your firsts, they say. Perhaps memories of the first time you met your best friend or the first time you ran your first errand still lingers in your mind. Don’t those special days feel like they all happened yesterday?

As a young student, you can keep making more memorable firsts–just like your first class day in Kumon. We’ve put together tips on preparing for your first Kumon class day and making it memorable, whether online or face-to-face.

Preparations for your first online class in Kumon

Prepare your study area. You want to savor your first day in Kumon so that you can smile and vividly recall it in the future. To do so, organize your study area. Try to remove toys and trinkets that will distract you from answering your worksheets. You can also wipe your table to comfortably write and avoid damaging and creasing your worksheets. 

Check if you are comfortable with the chair you’re using. Before your first day in Kumon, adjust its position so you can be comfortable throughout your class.

Ready your writing tools and worksheet. Now that your study space is set, place your worksheet on the table. Make sure that you are preparing your assigned worksheet for the day. For a more smooth-sailing first class day, sharpen your pencil, and prepare an extra pencil for backup. Just in case, have your eraser on standby, too. 

Charge your gadgets. Before your class, fully charge your laptop, tablet, or cell phone to ensure that your session with your teacher will not be interrupted. You won’t also scramble and look for a charger in the middle of your Kumon session.

Check reminders of your teacher. Did your teacher send reminders before your first class day? Perhaps they sent the video conferencing app you will be using, the details of your meeting room, or how to properly position your gadget. Carefully read through those so you won’t miss important information.

Preparations for your first face-to-face class in Kumon

Power up. Before heading to your Kumon Center for your first class day, power up! Have a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast or snack. A healthy lifestyle will help you stay alert, retain lessons, and process information better. 

Prepare your worksheets, writing materials, and safety essentials. To have a stress-free time before going to your Kumon Center, prepare your worksheets and writing materials (coloring pens, pencils, and eraser). With this ready and on hand, you can quickly go to your designated seat and begin answering your worksheets without hassle. It also avoids the trouble of returning to your house while you’re already on your way to the Kumon Center. 

In the new normal of learning, you can also pack and bring your alcohol, sanitizer, and face masks. As you have your own, you can stay safe throughout your first face-to-face class day in Kumon.

Take note of your teacher’s reminders. A night or hours before your first Kumon class day, check if your teacher sent you a reminder. Read through them thoroughly to know your schedule and the health and safety routines in the Center, especially in the new normal. 

It’s normal to feel worried or have butterflies in your stomach, especially since this is your first class day. Whenever you feel these, breathe in and out, and remember that you are prepared, ready, and on your way to unleashing your best self! 

Have a memorable first Kumon Day! You’ve got this.


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