How to Support Your Child’s Learning

Being a parent is one of the best roles in the world. But as they say, anything great comes with its fair share of challenges and rewards.

As parents, you aren’t just your children’s first teachers—you also wear the hats of a playmate, nurse, provider, chef, and above all, their number one supporter. You, bit by bit, learn how to be the best supporter by balancing your parenting styles and your children’s attitude and personality. Outside these parental roles, however, you have a career and self to focus on.

Amidst it all, take this upcoming school break as an opportunity to learn how to best support your children’s learning. Start by taking inspiration or applying these bits of wisdom.

Listen to what they feel and think

A healthy relationship with your children is one of the foundations of a great learning environment. Before deciding on anything, consider your children’s readiness, feelings, and insights.

By letting them share their thoughts and then listening to them intently, you can provide the support that is in tune with their aspirations. When they see that you are on this learning journey together, they will have extra motivation to work wholeheartedly.

Know their needs and create a plan to work on it

As parents, you know in your heart what’s best for your children. To provide the best learning experience for them, create a solid game plan according to their needs.

If your mind is set to raise academically excellent children by letting them enjoy and love math and reading, research the best learning programs that will supplement school. Thorough research will show you the after-school program aligned with your vision—one that will advance your children’s academic abilities and study skills. 

Be there to guide them

As your children journey through school and other academic activities, you should serve as their guiding light. Lay down ground rules and draw a line between study and play, especially if they are already advanced in school.

When they feel overwhelmed, sit down with them, listen to their feelings, and reassure them that they can do it. In such instances, help them set their priorities first, and then let them work on their tasks on their own. Through this, you will be on the sidelines as you see them grow independently.

Acknowledge that you need help

No matter how much you want to be there every step of the way, you have other responsibilities to fulfill to provide the best life for your children. The best way to support their academic development alongside a myriad of tasks is to ask for a helping hand from after-school programs such as Kumon.

Kumon is a partner of parents in developing each child’s academic abilities and fostering study and life skills such as persistence, self-esteem, and independence.

As a trusted companion in your children’s road to holistic development, you can participate in their Kumon study by learning about their current ability and asking teachers how the program can help them develop. You will also get feedback and updates on their progress to know how you can reap the full benefits of Kumon.

Since students are expected to dedicate at least 30 minutes of their day to answer worksheets independently, you can set aside a little of your time and guide your children—but only when needed. With a long-term stay in Kumon, you will eventually witness your children accomplish worksheets and other tasks confidently on their own. And when this time comes, you can proudly stand beside your little ones, ready to guide and support them no matter what.

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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