I Dream to Become a Nurse

I dream to become a nurse,
Sleepless nights for this heartfelt course,
Helping patients is one of its work,
Loving its job is a piece of work.
Having this responsibility is hard,
But aiming for this dream is really heart-to-heart,
Helping people is truly in our hearts,
But having this profession will firmly test our part.
Taking care of others is our career,
Showing affection to those who are ill,
Preparing their bed, and giving their pill,
You ease their pain and help them heal.
Being a nurse is my ambition,
Extending life is my mission,
Making other people happy is what I am eager for,
In the end, I will wake up to stand for what I aim for.

– Akihiro Sean San Diego of Doña Aurora Center

Kumon student

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