Keep the Fire Blazing!

I started my Kumon journey way back in 2016 when I was already a third-year high school student. But even though I was a junior in high school, I started in Level A (Addition and Subtraction I) of the Math Program, which I somehow found humiliating because I was surrounded by grade school students during my Kumon time. However, this did not hinder me from becoming a Completer. Moreover, the thought that I would become mentally swift to solve mathematical equations or problems motivated me to be more eager to finish the program. This motivation didn’t fail me.

After completing my journey, I realized that Kumon is about being able to answer mathematics, read with ease, and learn the different principles and values that must be possessed, such as prioritizing, time management, tenacity, and much more. It also helped me realize that quitting hinders me from becoming the successful individual I dream of. With the help of Kumon, I have become more confident in solving mathematical equations. In fact, I have been able to teach my classmates and schoolmates who are having difficulties in math. Who would have thought that I would become lie one of my math Instructors in the Kumon Center?

To all the Kumon students out there, I think the best way to help you become a Completer would be to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” It is an easy question with various answers. It will make you strive harder, push yourself to your limits, and be mindful of the reasons why you should continue your journey despite the complexity of the program. This is because becoming a Completer is like a wish you’ve been desperately waiting for and a dream you are waiting for to come true. Keep the fire blazing and be the next star of your Centers.

Patrisha Villanueva
Masinag (Antipolo) Center

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