Kumon as a Continuous Process

Summer months are the busiest months for academic and extra-curricular learning centers. This is the time when parents decide to enroll their children in various programs for the mind (art classes, academic programs) and body (dance classes, sports clinics). Kumon Centers are no different. You decide that this is the best time to help your children catch up on topics they find difficult or develop skills they need to improve. But, it must always be considered that developing new skills and gaining a deeper understanding of knowledge do not happen overnight – rather in one or two months. They take time and effort. This is why it is always emphasized that Kumon goes beyond summer – it is a long term program.

The aim of the Kumon Method of Learning is to equip your child with strong academic skills. In order to do so, he gradually progresses through topics at his own pace and consistently studies worksheets – be it in the Center or at home. Your child tackles easy topics at the beginning of his Kumon study. This gives him enough time to develop basic skills and build a solid foundation. Also, it allows him to gain momentum to progress to more challenging topics that are beyond his school grade level. This leads your child to realize that he can learn and do more – even on his own!

With your child gaining more knowledge, he becomes eager to learn and try things beyond his comfort zone. He also becomes more interested to tackle the most challenging topics – even if it takes him numerous tries before getting the right answer. Your child experiences character development as he endures through challenges. He develops discipline, confidence, and good study habits through this process which helps him achieve more.

All these take place in a long term period – simply because instilling academic and life skills in your child does not happen in one or two months. Building a solid foundation and eventually developing good skills are a process – specifically one that entails time, effort and hard work. It is a continuous process that allows your child to discover and be more.

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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