Little Victories

The year 2020 has been tough for many. It has drastically changed what we perceive to be relevant and valuable in our lives. For our family, quality education for our child is one of the aspects we deem a priority. A constant thing in life is change. And with the daily challenges presented to every parent, educator, and learner, we find that routines greatly help bring consistency and comfort to our child’s life and provide a sense of self-discipline, growth, and accomplishment.

The little victories matter. And our Kumon experience matters. It is worthwhile to pursue our Kumon activities in Math and Reading diligently.

Riley started Kumon when she was two years old. It was all fun and rainbows at first. But as she progressed steadily, so did the hurdles.

There were many ups and downs. Many times, our relationship was tested, and our patience was lacking. We took short breaks to reconnect, play, and have fun to energize and go back to the task at hand. We did worksheets every single day – even on weekends and when we traveled during the holidays! Of course, we do so willingly because we want to maximize her learning as every peso counts. We had to make more adjustments naturally.

Since we began homeschooling this year, we changed our routine. We decided that the best time to do Kumon Math and Reading worksheets is in the morning – right after brushing our teeth and making the bed. It is when our mind is most alert, and there is the least distraction around us. We can focus and bond – in our pajamas!

We appreciate how the program is customized according to the child’s pace, and we are thankful to the teachers at our Kumon Center for the assessment, patience, guidance, and encouragement. They’ve been truly our partners in enriching our child’s mind academically and even socially.

Fast forward to today. We are happy to report that, at four years old, Riley can manage to do her Kumon work on her own, correct her mistakes, and read some words with confidence and ease. We try our best to make our Kumon experience a bonding moment to strengthen our relationship by building character as a family. She has learned to be responsible and patient with herself and others. These are just some of the benefits we are enjoying now as we have established a fun routine, respect our feelings, and emphasize teamwork. We look forward to watching her grow in knowledge and character as she continues to pursue her Kumon journey!

Mrs. Christine Ruste Lim, mother of Riley Lim
Guiwan (Zamboanga City) Center

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