Manage Your Kumon Time

With children being advised to stay at home, their day consists of activities that can be categorized in two ways: continuing the usual daily routine and trying different hobbies and activities. As exciting as it is, you will often see your children juggling different activities and tasks in one day – which can range from learning a new instrument and trying a new recipe to solving a puzzle and answering Kumon worksheets.

As they say, time management is self-management. You can’t control time, but you can definitely manage yourself, specifically how your children use their time. Putting your children’s Kumon study as part of your priority list allows them to develop the needed skills and progress smoothly to the higher levels.

Here are some ways you can help your children improve their Kumon study time at home:

Always have a goal in mind.

After they have completed their worksheets for the day, congratulate your children. At the same time, keep in mind the sets that they still have to attain and improve on. Having a clear goal will help them manage the time and effort that they have to exert as they do their worksheets every day. Similarly, they are certain that all their effort is put into good use and no time is wasted.

Be consistent with Kumon time.

It is easy to set 4:00 P.M. as Kumon time; but, keeping it is a different story. To keep your children motivated as they look forward to their Kumon schedule, set a time when their mind is prepared and relaxed. This way, they can still exert the right effort in answering their worksheets.

Talk to the Kumon Instructor.

As much as your children’s Kumon Instructor would want your children to advance beyond school grade level or even complete the program, he or she wants to ensure their mastery of the worksheets. You can always share if ever you notice your children experiencing difficulty on a certain topic in their worksheets. This way, the Kumon Instructor can adjust your children’s study progress accordingly.

Avoid distractions.

Yes, time flies fast when your children are having fun, and they might not notice it, but they may have taken too much time for the unnecessary things rather than focusing on what they really needs to be done. Discipline takes time to develop, but with simple means of sacrifice and control, your children can master the art of focusing on their Kumon study during Kumon time.

See? Your children don’t need to drop a hobby or an interest just to squeeze them all in their schedule. After all, it is just a matter of self-management.

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