Maximizing Kumon at Home

Consistently studying your worksheets at home guarantees continuous progress and a smooth Kumon study. Since the environment at home is different from the Center, there are many activities that can distract you from studying. You can increase your productivity at home with a dash of discipline, the right attitude, and a good study routine.

Doing your worksheets in the Center allowed you to stay focused because the environment encouraged you to study well. Here are some steps you can follow to duplicate your Kumon Center’s environment at home:

1. Create an environment conducive for learning at home.

Find a space where you can do your Kumon worksheets without any distractions. No TV, gadgets, or toys. Think of this space as your “tiny Kumon Center” where it’s quiet, enabling you to focus on studying. Don’t forget to have sufficient lighting for you to study with ease.

2. Establish a Kumon time at home.

Decide on a best time when you can do your Kumon homework in a day, and follow this schedule. This can occur in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night. It can also help if you have a clock at home you can always refer to so that you won’t miss your Kumon time.

3. Set your own routine at home.

Once you’ve decided on the best environment and time for your Kumon study, the next thing you should consider is having your own study routine at home. You can customize the routine you follow in the Kumon Center! For example, instead of getting your vinyl folder and giving it to your teacher, you can ask your mom/dad to set up the laptop while you prepare your notebook, pencil and eraser before sitting down with a prepared self and determined mindset.

4. Ask for help.

If you find yourself facing a difficult question/problem in your worksheets, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your Instructor. Just like in the Center where you can directly your Instructor, you can do so at home through a video call. Always remember that your Instructor is there to provide guidance and to help you develop the needed independence to study on your own.

5. Celebrate your success!

Nothing beats a pat on the back after working hard. Reward yourself by doing your favorite home activities, and by taking a break. This will surely help you recharge and make you feel accomplished after consistently studying Kumon at home.

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