More Than Just a Summer Activity

1408MY07AE100140000_lMore often than not, parents view Kumon as a mere summer program—something to keep their children occupied while school is out.

Although Kumon is a good way to make a child’s summer productive, Kumon is definitely more than just a summer activity; it is not done in a short period of time, or in this case, two months.  For a child to reap its full benefits, long-term commitment is needed.

Once enrolled, a student begins at a low starting point to give him a ‘running start’ on the worksheets. This momentum is needed in order for the child to advance smoothly through the challenging materials. It also assures the mastery of the necessary skills needed to advance to higher levels. Within two months, a child will study easy materials only and will not tackle challenging topics yet.  But as he progresses in his just-right level, he will soon answer topics that are not only challenging but are well beyond his school grade level also. According to founder Toru Kumon, “As students advance to two or three years ahead of their school grade level, their confidence and self-composedness will also grow.” He also added that their ability to think more deeply about what they want to achieve in life will heighten.

Recently, Kumon Philippines nurtured its youngest Math Program completer to date. At the age of six, she is already capable of understanding and answering problems in calculus! But this skill was not developed in a snap of a finger; instead, it entailed continuous and long-term study.

Therefore if a student quits early, he will miss the chance to develop strong academic skills.  Kumon is not a magic formula for students to get a perfect mark on their test papers after just two months of studying. Instead, the Kumon Method allows children to build a solid foundation in math and reading. Yes, Kumon requires patience and hard work.  But who would mind sacrificing a little if you can get something bigger in return?

Because aside from strong academic skills, Kumon also aims to nurture the child’s character. Discipline, confidence, good study habits—these are just some of the things Kumon would like to instill in children.

Though summer may be an ideal time to start Kumon, it should definitely not be the end of making children realize their full potential. Kumon knows no season in extending help to children.

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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