My Kumon App: Experience the Kumon Learning Online in 5 Easy Steps

Here’s how you can get the new My Kumon App

We have welcomed big changes in the way we live. Even when it comes to education, we have adapted the online learning setup to continuously learn, expand our skills, discover our true potential, and dream of a better future!

Amidst the era of social distancing and stay and study at home, we were inspired to safely bring the Kumon Method of Learning closer to our parents and students. That’s why Kumon has launched the My Kumon App!

The app conveniently allows students to do the Kumon Study at Home program and stay connected with Kumon anytime, anywhere! At your fingertips, parents can quickly choose the Kumon Center nearest and connect to the Kumon Instructor. This helps you ensure that you are transacting with an authorized Kumon Center. Plus, there’s no need to go to the Kumon Center and fill out papers. My Kumon App truly ensures a #HomeStudyHomeSafe Kumon experience!

Are you all set for the online Kumon learning? Here are five easy steps to enjoy the new My Kumon App:

Step 1: Download the My Kumon App

The app is available for both Android and ioS users. Simply search the My Kumon app in the App Store if you’re an ioS user and the Play Store if you’re an Android user. After downloading the app, it should be ready on your smartphone.

Kumon-Philippines-My-Kumon-App-Download -The-App

Step 2: Set up your app.

Once you open your My Kumon App, you have to enter your email address and click the log-in button. You will receive a One-Time-Pin (OTP) at your email address. Get the OTP and type it in the app to continue setting up.


Step 3: Identify if you’re a new or existing student.

Once done, click the Add Student button and identify if you are a new student or an existing student.

If you are a parent of a new student, choose your province and preferred Kumon Center and fill out all the details. If you are an existing student, place your child’s student ID and date of birth. Don’t worry! Your Kumon Instructor will provide your student ID once you’ve completed the enrollment procedure.


Step 4: Read through the Terms and Data Protection Policy.

You’re almost done, so take the time to read and understand the Terms and Data Protection Policy. This is an important step before agreeing to the consent statement. Once you’ve read through them, click Accept & Continue.


Step 5: For existing Kumon students, click on the register button. For new Kumon students, answer the New Student Survey.

You’re on the final step to exploring the My Kumon app!

If you’re an existing Kumon student, click on the register button. If you’re a new student, just tick all the boxes that apply to you in the New Student Survey. Then, click finish and review all information you entered before clicking on the Submit button.


If you’ve covered all the steps, let your Kumon Instructor know that you’ve successfully registered via the app! Just wait for him/her to approve your registration.


It takes five easy steps to start your online Kumon experience, whether you’re at home or on the go! What’s even better is you will get access to amazing features once you’re officially a Kumon student! Enroll now to make the most out of the My Kumon App!

Download the My Kumon App today for free:



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