No Regrets, Never Forget

A go-getter and an active person by nature, Thyra Mae Navarro felt nervous when her parents told her that she would be going to Kumon to develop her mathematical skills. What made her nervous was the thought that Kumon was difficult and that this was only intended for very young students.

Thyra’s initial encounter with Kumon was through the Free Trial Campaign. Her Kumon journey started with the Level A (Addition and Subtraction I) worksheets and she found it very easy. ”I finished three levels so quickly in my first three or four weeks. I was really proud of myself because I was confident in answering my worksheets.”

In three months, she was already in Level G (Positive and Negative Numbers, Elementary Algebraic Expressions). Time passed and her worksheets became quite challenging especially when she reached Level J (Advanced Factorization and Quadratic Equations). “I got stuck in Level and I asked for guidance from my teacher in some parts of the worksheets that I couldn’t understand well. But I was still having fun answering my worksheets and my Kumon journey is one experience I will never forget and regret.”

Changes and improvements

The first change Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Joy Navarro, Thyra’s parents, noticed was her self-discipline. They observed how she manages her time well and she knows what she needs to do first especially during very stressful times.

The second change they noticed is her self-confidence – the way she speaks and the way she carries herself around people. It is also evident with how active she is in extra-curricular activities and how she loves to perform. “We always remind her to always put her feet on the ground – whatever happens and whatever people say, stay grounded.”

Third, she has also developed leadership skills. They have observed how all her classmates listen to and ask her; plus, she holds a position in most of her extra-curricular organizations like Girl Scout and dance.

Last, her study habits have really improved. Thyra’s parents have noticed how she now has a daily study activity and she is now used to it. She is able to multi-task, does not cram, and can finish all the tasks she sets for the day or the week.

As for Thyra herself, she believes that learning the value of discipline and patience are her best take-aways from Kumon.

“As a leader in school, I am tough when it comes to discipline, and I am able to endure under difficult circumstances that I face in school and in my daily life. As a student, I am patient when my classmates and friends ask me to explain and share my knowledge on topics they find confusing. I realized that there’s more beyond what my mind could conceive and that this is a journey I never regret to have taken.”

Challenges and Support

Yes, Thyra experienced a lot of difficulties and challenges. There were worksheets that she could not understand, especially in Level N (Arithmetic, Geometric and Various Sequences, Differential Calculus) which she deemed as the most difficult level for her. Also, there were schedule conflicts due to her school and extra-curricular activities.”

“I was very focused on my academics, I had math competitions to attend, plus I was an active member of Girl Scout and the dance club so it was hard for me to manage my time. There were times that I went to the Center later than usual or I had to just pick-up worksheets for a long period of time.”

Thyra’s parents never stopped supporting her in my Kumon journey. “Even though I encountered a lot of challenges and difficulties not only in Kumon but also in school, my parents taught me how to stay positive despite these difficulties and conflicts. My Kumon Instructor kept motivating me to complete the Math Program. She kept on telling me not to give up despite the times that I wanted to quit.”

Parental involvement

When she is stressed or pressured, Thyra is the type who gets easily rattled. With this, her parents tell her to calm down, think what she needs to do first, organize her activities and then prioritize. They always remind her that if others can do it, why can’t she? The benefits that she will get from the program are priceless and will go beyond what she needs at present – these will help her have a better future. Also, they remind her of how everything in Kumon is a process – from developing better study habits to good time management skills.

“We, as parents, play a big role in our children’s future especially in helping them become what they want to become. So we must never stop motivating and encouraging them, and help bring out the best in them. If they suddenly think of quitting, remind them of what they can gain from the program and of their goal. Kumon is the best partner to achieve all these.


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