One of the Best Parental Decisions I Have Ever Made

As a Kumon parent with two kids enrolled at the Center, I must exert all my patience and effort to guide them towards completion. There were days, especially when my son was a pre-schooler when I needed to sit with him for around 2 hours while answering his Kumon at home.

Indeed, answering their worksheets became a big part of family bonding times. Days, months, and years passed, my Ate Ella reaped her Reading Program Completion when she was a Grade 5 student. Her attendance at Manila Hotel during the awarding for Completers is a very memorable one. Inspired by the plaque she received as Reading Completer, she went on with her Math worksheets, even though it was hard reaching the last levels.

With her diligence and commitment to our family goal, she reaped the fruits of her labor. She got to finish the program during her Grade 8 level, making her the FIRST DOUBLE PROGRAM COMPLETER of the Center, while my son Michael Vinz completed the Reading Program when he was a Grade 5 pupil. As of now, Michael is doing Level J of the Math Program and looking forward to his double program completion, too.

Kumon has had a great impact on my children’s academic performance. Both of them were consistent honor students since their elementary days. My Ate Ella became one of the Doña Felisa Scholars as she entered her Junior High School life as Top 9 among the 33 Scholars out of 300 plus examinees.

Our family’s Kumon experience has been filled with mixed emotions, especially regarding our financial constraints since we are not rich. But all hardships are overpowered by the values gained by kids, such as life skills, learnings, and memories. Enrolling them in the program is precisely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a parent. I will be forever grateful to Teacher Rose and her teaching staff for all the support and guidance given to my children. And most especially to Almighty Father, whose blessings and protection paved the way so we can achieve our goals. To my fellow Kumon parents, just continue to be there as your children strive and continue their studies. Never give up whatever difficulty may come your way. All your efforts and time spent will pay off in the future. And just like my husband and me, your kids will make you proud and blessed.

Maria Angelita Cedo
Mother of Rafaela Jehan and Michael Vinz Cedo
San Miguel (Iraga) Center

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