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Education has always been a priority for Mr. Doroteo Carmelo “Dot” and Mrs. Ma. Johanna “Jhoi” Lujan. They believe in providing their daughter, Breizel Serenity “Brei”, with quality and meaningful learning activities that will further develop their daughter’s skills and lead her to better opportunities. This is why enrolling Brei in the Kumon Program was the best choice for them. “My sister introduced Kumon to my wife and me since her son was enrolled in a Kumon Center in Makati City. She gave us good feedback about the benefits of Kumon, which is why we decided to give it a try as well,” shared Daddy Dot.

With the Center located just a few blocks away from their residence, attending Kumon classes became an easy and essential part of Brei’s weekly routine. Kumon became a significant influence in Brei’s academic and character development – specifically developing her to become an independent and hardworking student with an affinity for music and books.

Kumon Beginnings and Challenges

Brei was about three years old when she did her Kumon Reading Program worksheets. She found it enjoyable since the worksheets were easy, and she already knew how to read at that time. For her, it was like playing and reviewing her lessons in kindergarten.

She experiences a lot of difficulties in both the Kumon Math and Reading Program worksheets, especially when she is answering problems in the higher levels. There are times that she can’t understand what is said or asked, so she asks for help from her dad.

”Sometimes, my dad may not know or understand, as well. He would tell me just to read and study it all over again to get the idea of what I am reading so that I would be able to review what is being asked.” This practice has helped Brei complete the Kumon Reading Program worksheets and go through the challenging Kumon Math Program worksheets.

Changes and Achievements

Brei was enrolled at the young age of three. At that time, Mr. and Mrs. Lujan didn’t know her interests and tendencies in studying since she was only a toddler. Through Kumon, they were able to develop in Brei a good study attitude and proper study habits. She also began to read a lot since she enrolled first in the Kumon Reading Program.

“We decided to go for the Kumon Reading Program first because we wanted Brei to be able to understand questions better, gain a better comprehension of things, and become an analytical reader. She also came to be independent and developed techniques on how to solve and answer questions.”

The Kumon Program continues to help Brei become an excellent student and a willing learner. The summer before grade one, Mr. and Mrs. Lujan decided to enroll her in the Kumon Math Program as well, and this decision has led to Brei gaining more achievements. In school, she was the top one of her kindergarten class and is a consistent honor student now in grade school.

“There is no pressure on her in her math and English subjects – she gets high grades and is either the top one or top two student in her class. Also, she was recently the top 3 in the Math Trainers’ Guild (MTG) exam, despite it being her first time to join.”

For her extra-curricular activity, Mr. and Mrs. Lujan encouraged Brei to learn a musical instrument because they want her to have a talent to grow and learn from today until her later years. They chose the piano because this instrument allows Brei to develop her sense of hearing (since the piano has a perfect pitch) and increase her brain’s capacity to keep and recall information (since her mind continues to be active as she practices and memorizes notes). Aside from that, Brei also develops confidence and critical thinking.

Support and Advice

Mr. Lujan is the one who personally attends to and reviews Brei on her studies, while Mrs. Lujan is the one who reminds them of what needs to be done and reviewed. This is how they show Brei that they support her 100%. Sometimes, she gets pressured because of the challenging topics and because the Kumon Program is not only a pastime for her. She knows of the importance of the Kumon Program because Mr. and Mrs. Lujan always remind her that she can benefit a lot from it.

“We then encourage her by always showing our support for her in Kumon, and we emphasize that we will always support her in the same way – be it in school or her extra-curricular activities.”

For Mr. and Mrs. Lujan, being patient and being understanding are also two very important things to remember when supporting Brei in her Kumon study.

“Sometimes, Kumon can get frustrating and confusing on our part. Sometimes, it can feel like a burden. But we always try to remember that the cost and the time that we spend will all be worth it because it is all for the future of our child. We believe that Kumon is a guarantee for our child’s good and bright future.”

Even though it differs for each child, since one child can progress fast and another child can take some time, Mr. and Mrs. Lujan always try to support Brei until she reaches the goal. They make it a point to always be proud of her achievements and be surprised with what she will be able to do.

“Just always support them all the way – be it financially, morally, emotionally, and with all your love – selflessly.”

Mr. and Mrs. Lujan believe that Brei will be future-proof since she has already undergone the challenging stages in the Kumon Math and Reading Programs. Through Kumon, she has learned how to comprehend, analyze, and answer statements and questions better. Brei has also learned to be patient and to persevere with whatever task is before her. She knows how to deal with certain situations since she will need to recall what she has learned and apply it to whatever situation. They believe that all these things are essential for Brei to succeed and be what she wants to be in the future.

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