Reaping the Benefits of My Kumon Journey

“My most significant learning from my Kumon journey is self-learning or the ability to study independently as this is also what my mother wanted to develop in me since she enrolled me in Kumon.”

I was first introduced to Kumon before entering school, so I had basically no idea about any subjects taught in school at that time. All I knew was that my mom enrolled me in the Kumon Reading Program when I was 3 years old so that I could learn how to read and write. After a year, she enrolled me in the Math Program, which helped me learn how to count numbers and learn basic operations. I think she enrolled me in these programs to build my independence and to be advanced in school.

When I first started Kumon, it was new for me. I was excited and I enjoyed doing my worksheets and learning new things. Whenever some topics got challenging, I asked my teachers for help, which always made me understand them better. Sometimes I help myself and I look at the example boxes and analyze them until I understand the lesson.

How Kumon Has Helped Me in School

Kumon really helped me in a lot of ways.

With my academics, it made me advanced in English and Math subjects. The Kumon Reading Program helped me develop my communication and writing skills as I learned the meaning of advanced words, proper grammar, and spelling. It was also a big help in understanding math problems. On the other hand, the Kumon Math Program helped me compute fast and developed my creativity in finding simple ways to solve mathematical problems.

Kumon really helped not only in my Math and English subjects but also in my other school subjects as I easily understand them and I got to submit my homework and projects on time or in advance because I can analyze and do it myself.

In terms of my life skills, Kumon taught me time management, concentration, focus, self-discipline, and good study habits. These greatly helped me when I had to adjust to the online/hybrid school setup. I had to manage my time wisely, be focused, be disciplined, always listen to my teachers, and be creative with my schoolwork. The same things I learned in Kumon.

I also learned the value of trying again and again until I succeed whenever we have tests and I make mistakes. I always look at my mistakes and see what I answered wrong so I can learn from them. This really helped me since sometimes my teachers put the same questions again.

How Kumon Has Helped Me in Life

Kumon has opened a lot of doors for me as well.

It is an honor for me to be one of DOST-SEI Youth Excellence in Science (YES) Awardees* for two consecutive years, 2021 and 2022. My goals this year are to learn new different things along my learning journey, to be able to join more competitions this year, and be able to continue my Taekwondo journey. Another goal is to complete the Kumon Math Program this year or before entering High School. My inspiration to complete the program is the experience to learn new things and widen my education and imagination. I want to be able to complete the program with a lot learned from Kumon.

To my fellow Kumon classmates: never give up on learning and always seize the opportunity to learn more. Sometimes you will experience trouble with your worksheets but your teachers will always be willing to help you. Enjoy your Kumon journey and always be eager to learn different things.

*The DOST-SEI Youth Excellence in Science (YES) Award is an award for exemplary achievement of the youth in the fields of science and mathematics. Recipients of this award are Filipino students who win gold, silver and bronze medals in the individual or team category in international science and mathematics competitions.

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