Resolutions, Resolutions!

It’s 2020! How were your resolutions in 2019? Were you able to accomplish them all?

As another year opens, it’s best to reflect on the achievements you’ve done for yourself and for others. More importantly, you should give yourself a high five for making 2019 spectacular!

Nothing is more exciting than planning what you want to do next and what challenges you’ve been preparing to face. It’s what keeps the atmosphere of New Year fresh and exhilarating to many, especially when these resolutions are shared with one another.

But sometimes, we have a tendency to break our own resolutions. The problem is not always in the resolutions we make, but in the way these resolutions overwhelm us.

To minimize these instances, here are some advice you can ponder on before setting the goals you want to attain within 365 years:

  • Recognize your weaknesses. Your weaknesses shouldn’t stop you from creating resolutions. Turn these into learning points until they become your strengths later on. Being able to recognize your weaknesses gives you more drive and motivation to become resourceful, managing, and time-bound with the goals you’ve set.
  • Create realistic goals. The challenge in making goals is that some of them are too idealistic. It’s not wrong to create goals out of inspiration—all you need is discipline to accomplish your goal. Once you’ve recognized your weaknesses, you’ll have a better idea of how to go about your goals no matter how huge you think they may be.
  • Address the way you perceive things. Instead of heavily thinking about the external results of your goals, also look at the means of how you would achieve them. Never skip the processes you’ll need to undergo. Always remember to keep a positive attitude towards challenges and your everyday routine. Doing so will keep you inspired as you go on with your 365-journey.
  • Never underestimate that half-step you made. We usually base success on a bigger scope while failing to see that the little changes made contributed to that larger success. If you think you did a half-step higher than your previous goal, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Maintain keeping those half-steps consistent throughout the year and you’ll be surprised how far you’ve reached. Patiently wait for your time and keep the same positivity all year round!

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