School + Kumon: My formula for success

Kumon is like medicine. In the beginning, it tastes a bit bitter, but as time goes by, one gets used to its taste. When the benefits of the medicine start to take effect, it means your body is getting healthier and healthier. Looking closely, Kumon is a bit difficult to get used to. But as soon as you get used to it, you will reap better and better results.

Ups and downs of my journey

I joined Kumon Alabang Town Center when I was 3 years old. I would not enter the pre-school area without my mom. She was so apologetic to Teacher Gemma when I had tantrums in the Center. But, they were all so patient with me until I got used to the center routine. All my efforts eventually paid off when I was recognized by Kumon Philippines as one of the Top 10 Students in Math for the whole country when I was 4 years and 2 months old.

Then, I started going to the big school and stopped my Kumon study. This was a mistake.  Surely, if I did not stop, I would have finished much, much earlier. When I reached the 3rd grade, I asked my mom if I could go back to Kumon again because I felt like I would perform better if I did the daily exercises. I wanted to be an advanced student again. Teacher Gemma welcomed me back, and this time, we had set a goal to complete the program before I went to high school. True enough, I completed my Kumon Math journey last December 2018. It was my Christmas gift to my parents.

Conquering the challenges

My initial impression of the Kumon study was that it would be difficult to get used to the advanced and harder lessons. I was also not able to properly manage my time at all times. That’s why it took me a bit more time to answer my worksheets, especially if I didn’t understand the lessons and when I had schoolwork.

The first months of my Kumon journey were very eventful. I had to get used to the routine, and when I got used to the advancement in the lessons, I managed my time and understood the lesson quickly and effectively. A couple of months after I started, I got more motivated and happy about doing my Kumon worksheets. Along the way, I learned many concepts and lessons in advanced math, which made me really well-equipped in our math subject in school. It then became a part of my student life to be active in school activities, get high grades, and answer my daily Kumon exercises.

However, I encountered two main challenges in my journey — poor time management and learning how to study advanced lessons independently with minimal guidance. Thankfully, Kumon helped me a lot in overcoming these challenges. I was advised to do Kumon first before my school assignments within the Standard Completion Time (SCT). This was quite hard, especially when I was doing higher-level math. But I tried. I tried so hard to develop my work skills by focusing, concentrating, and completing my homework quickly without stopping.

Like all Kumon students, it also took a lot of time to understand higher math, but the training we received while working out on more basic topics helped me figure out and discover new lessons. I always remember that Math is interconnected. We should not forget our previous lessons as we encounter new ones.

I am so blessed that I have strong parental support and a Kumon Instructor who guided me throughout my Kumon journey. They motivated and helped me understand the more difficult lessons as I advanced to the next levels. My mom told me not to give up in times that I wanted to. My teachers stretched my potential because they believed in me.

Reaping the benefits

Being an advanced student has a lot of advantages in school. I understand the lessons not only in math but other subjects as well. I am always prepared when we are given surprise quizzes and scheduled examinations. I no longer cram on any tasks and have been able to balance my academics with my school activities. Above all, I have developed perseverance and applied it to all subjects and activities. I have also been using what I learned in Kumon whenever I participate in various competitions and win a couple of them along the way.

I have always believed that School + Kumon = Success. Kumon taught me so much academic skills and developed my life skills. All these have now become part of my character. Kumon also shaped who I will become as I will never forget these values and skills such as perseverance, discipline, sense of responsibility, and independence. Thank you, Mr. Toru Kumon.

After Kumon, my future aspirations are to finish my studies and become a successful engineer and an outstanding lawyer. My dream is to better serve the country by using my knowledge to help all the people around me. I am proud to say that I have acquired values and learnings throughout my journey that I wish to share with those going through and who will go through the same journey as me.

To the aspiring Completers, always do your Kumon worksheets regularly. Be focused on the goals that were set for you. Instead of looking at your low scores as weaknesses, look at them as motivations to do better in your next lessons. The real world is tough and cruel at times, but we were all trained to handle pressure while juggling schoolwork and Kumon lessons. We are all doing a great job in our respective journeys.

To all fellow Kumon students, let us be grateful always. All of these would not have been possible without our supportive parents and Kumon Instructors. Let us thank them for always believing in us. May we always remember that every great feat starts with humble beginnings, and let us never forget what we have learned in our Kumon journey — from when we were new students to up until we proudly became Kumon Achievers.

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