School + Kumon = Success

There are some things in life that always go together: puto and dinuguan, flowers and chocolates, paper and pen, Christmas and New Year, school and Kumon…school and Kumon?!

You read it right! School + Kumon = Success.

Designed to be an after-school, supplementary learning program, Kumon’s aim is to allow children to study high school and college-level materials with ease. Through daily Kumon study, students are equipped with strong academic skills and are thus capable of studying advanced materials that are two, three, or even four years above their school grade level.

Imagine a Grade 1 student inside his Kumon center answering problems such as (-ab2)2 (-3ac2)3 or analyzing a topic meant for high school students. Now imagine the same Grade 1 student inside his classroom, learning materials that are just meant for Grade 1 students such as addition and subtraction.

Not only will schoolwork become easier for the child, but he will actually enjoy learning since he will no longer find school burdensome! He will not be pressured to catch up with his schoolmates because Kumon enables him to study advanced materials. Moreover, he will have the time to explore and develop his skills in other fields of interest. Through Kumon, students become more confident about themselves and the skills they possess, enabling them to face challenges proactively and enthusiastically. They gain the desire to learn more, do more, and achieve more.

Now that the summer holiday is over, it’s not just back to school—it’s also continuing with your Kumon study. A combo of school and Kumon is a child’s winning formula.

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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