(Self)-managing Kumon Time

Nowadays, youngsters are always on the go – joining as many clubs as your time can handle; learning various sports as much as your stamina could take, and achieving as much recognition as you could on your list!

It is as if juggling a hundred plates is easier than juggling time for your study, guitar lessons, basketball clinic, and also Kumon!

You might be familiar with one advanced student in your Kumon Center who can still squeeze in his or her Kumon study and progresses through the higher levels despite the demands of his or her school and extra-curricular activities.  Does this leave you wondering, how can I do that?

As they say, time management is self-management.  One cannot manage or control time; rather, manage the use of it.

As always, we want to help you to put your Kumon studies among your priority lists.  With these simple ways, we hope you could progress your way to the higher levels and still ace in your chosen interests:

  • Always have a goal in mind. After you have completed your homework or classwork, congratulate yourself. At the same time, keep in mind the sets that you still have to attain.  Having a clear goal will help you manage the time and effort that you have to exert as you do your worksheets every day.  Similarly, you are certain that all your effort are put into good use and no time is wasted.1405SG07AI1001500000
  • No excuses for Kumon time. It is easy to set 4:00 P.M. as your Kumon time; but, keeping it is a different story – and might be a more difficult one.  Kumon time doesn’t necessarily mean after eating your merienda break, or after getting home from school.  To keep you motivated as you look forward to this schedule, set a time that you think will provide you a relaxed mind and enthused energy to still do the worksheets after a long day.  This way, you can still ensure the quality of effort you exert in answering your worksheets.1407VN07CH1000400000
  • Talk it over with your Instructor. As much as your Instructor would want you to advance beyond your school grade level or even complete the program, he or she wants to ensure your mastery of the worksheets. You can always share with her your worries about Kumon and your other school activities.  Together, you can plan your worksheet study.  Both of you can agree on a study plan suited for you. With a feasible amount of worksheets for your classwork and homework, this will help you be more focused on the levels that you are working on.1405SG07BD1002000000
  • Avoid distractions. Yes, you are young and you want to enjoy your life to the fullest.  You might think that going home an hour later than usual because of a party may not cause much to your school activities and Kumon, but, think again!  Time flies fast when you are having fun, and you might not notice it, but you have taken too much time for unnecessary things rather than focusing on what you really need.  Discipline may take time to develop, but with simple means of sacrifice and control, you can master the art of saying no to unnecessary activities.1610JP07CE0018300000


Now, who says you have to drop a hobby or an interest just to squeeze them all in your schedule?  After all, it is just a matter of self-management.



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