Setting Up My Child for Success

My husband and I wanted to supplement our son Joaquin’s regular schooling, so we decided to enroll him in Kumon. We believe that Kumon developed his confidence to raise his hand and actively participate in school. Sometimes, the lessons he encounters in class are something that is already familiar to him since he has tackled it already in Kumon. We also noticed that he is no longer easily intimidated when learning new materials.


The shift in the learning situation due to the pandemic has not been that hard for Joaquin. He loves learning remotely, so it was great that he was able to practice distance learning with Kumon. Sometimes, he finds some topics difficult, so we try our very best to be patient with Joaquin, for we know that he is learning advanced materials for his age.

WATCH | Armed with the ability to self-learn, Kumon student Joaquin answers his Kumon Math worksheets on his own.

We also discovered that what we learned in primary school is no longer how things are done in school today. So we, his parents, are learning along the way with Joaquin. We often read the material first, understand how it’s done, and compare it to how we learned it in primary school. Sometimes, we try to research his school lessons on Google or YouTube. 


We also understand that not all children learn at the same pace, so we encourage him to be honest with us if he is having a hard time. We try to motivate him by telling him that he can have some playtime (he loves Roblox) when he is finished with his exercises.


We believe Kumon is setting up Joaquin for success. He would sometimes tell us that what he’s learning in primary school is something that he already learned in Kumon. As Kumon parents, we just need to continue being patient, being there for him, giving him words of encouragement, and, if needed, rewarding him with things that he finds pleasurable.

Ralateza Uy (mother of Joaquin)
Salcedo Village Center


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