Start Easy, Aim High

Oftentimes, parents feel shocked – even a little bit upset – to discover how low their child’s starting point is.

Did you also have a similar reaction? Did you wonder why your child, though probably in high school, had to start with, let’s say, addition in Kumon?

To fully understand the concept of “appropriate starting point” in the Kumon Method, you must first erase this notion: starting at a level lower than what your child’s learning in school means he is below average or has low ability.


The appropriate starting point, though a few levels lower, actually allows your child to start his Kumon journey at a comfortable level and pace. If your child is having difficulties with his math subject in school—which may be one of the reasons why you enrolled him in the first place—he will not appreciate starting with a difficult Kumon worksheet as well. As a matter of fact, he will hate math even more! But if you bring him back a few levels lower, and give him ample time to fully develop his skills and his confidence, he will be armed with the right abilities to tackle higher and more difficult math problems. He will also develop a liking for the subject because he will realize, math isn’t all that awful. I can actually do it!


Thus, an easy starting point enables the child to master the basics in math and establish a stronger foundation that helps prepare him for the challenges he will face in the higher levels.

You will find that your child will enjoy studying while improving his concentration ability, work skills, and study habits. It gives him a sense of accomplishment that what was once so difficult for him is now something he could understand and answer on his own.


So if your child has to start a few levels lower than his school grade level, don’t worry. Your Kumon Instructor knows this is the most appropriate point for him to start developing his skills. Just give it time! And pretty soon, your child will fly smoother and higher in his Kumon journey.


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