Start the Year Right

This 2023, say goodbye to your not-so-good habits and say hello to a fresh start.

While some of you might resolve to save more, get better grades, or spend more time with your family and less time playing games or watching TV—we hope that you do not forget to include Kumon in your checklist of activities for the year.

Here are some suggestions on how to start another year in Kumon right (and with a bang!):

Reflect on your Kumon journey for the past year.

What were your achievements? Did you encounter challenges that stopped you from achieving more? If so, ask yourself, what should I do to overcome these obstacles? Do your best to fulfill all your Kumon resolutions no matter how difficult they may be sometimes.

Set achievable goals.

Since you already know what you have been through and what you want to achieve it becomes easier to set achievable goals Aim to reach KIS, five years advanced, or even better, completion by the end of the year. Remember, with the right attitude towards learning, anything is possible.

Be specific in coming up with your resolutions.

Being specific helps you determine what you need to do to achieve it – both in the short and long run. Instead of saying, “I will not be lazy in doing Kumon,” opt for, I will answer my worksheets every day,” or I will submit completed homework.”

Attend Kumon class days regularly and on time.

Doing something regularly and consistently makes it into a habit. Making this a commitment will develop your discipline and sense of responsibility. You will realize that these will not only help you in your Kumon journey but also in other things in your life.

Maximize feedback sessions.

Feedback sessions with your Instructor and parents are there to help bring you closer to your goal. Be more open with them about the challenges you are facing. They are more than willing to help you overcome these obstacles.

A handful of opportunities await you this year. With these tips to make your Kumon journey smoother this 2023, you’ll be ready to attain more and overcome all the obstacles that will come your way.

Have a very happy and fruitful year!

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