Summer and Beyond

The heat is settling in. The final examinations schedules have been announced. Vacation plans are being finalized. Talk of sports, art, and dance classes are starting to circulate. This can only mean one thing: summer’s here!


It’s that time of year when children gladly say: “School’s out for summer!” It’s also the time of the year for endless conversations about the exciting places to visit and the fun activities to do in the next two months. However, having fun does not necessarily mean that learning has to stop.There is a way for children to still enjoy the perks of summer while being productive.

There is Kumon.


Kumon is a learning program where students begin at an easy starting point – a point lower than their current school grade level. This allows them to develop focus, build confidence and establish rhythm (even with a mix of extra-curricular and other summer activities) since they are tackling topics they know they can solve and are familiar with.

Each of the levels in the Kumon Programs cover topics essential to meet their respective goals – self-study of high school math with ease for the Math Program and development of an advanced level of reading ability for the Reading Program.


As they start to tackle advanced topics when they progress from one level to the next, students get to build a strong foundation on the basic skills which they can use to tackle challenging topics in other subjects or fields of study. They also gain more knowledge which can be useful not only in their present study situation, but also in their future studies and careers.

Students develop the ability to learn on their own as they answer worksheets which are designed in minute steps and which have examples and hints when new topics are presented. This allows them to develop mastery and gain the ability to retain knowledge for a longer period of time – even after summer.


In terms of character, students develop independence and perseverance considering the everyday routine of Kumon. They gain further confidence since they have mastered their strengths, overcame challenges, and discovered ways to improve their weaknesses.

As they juggle learning through Kumon with summer fun, they develop good study habits and time management skills which can be useful once school starts. They also gain the hunger for more knowledge and the thirst to quench their curiosity to go out of their comfort zone and explore more of the world.


It is good to note that students will only be able to get the full benefits of Kumon if they stay on – specifically beyond summer.

The benefits of the Kumon Method are not seen in just a month or two. Strong academic skills, self-learning ability, and good character take time and effort to develop. Yes, summer is the best time to start; but it does not end there. Kumon can and should be continued – for the long-term.

So give Kumon a chance – start this summer, and end beyond it to reap the benefits in the long run!

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.


  1. Mylyn ferrera

    April 8, 2018

    How can i enroll my 6 yrs old son this summer vacation?

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