Benefits Beyond School

Mothers know best. This quote held true for Nicole Alexis Tan since it was her mother that pushed for her and her two siblings to be enrolled in Kumon. Initially, her mother only wanted her and her brother, Ethan, to do something for the summer. But as the benefits of the method became apparent in her progress in school, staying long term in

Pep Talk to Advancement

You may have already read all the articles on what you and your child need to do for him to become an advanced student. Be it the people you need to communicate with, the steps you need to take, the plans you need to follow, and the goals you need to achieve – almost everything about becoming an advanced student has already been

Traits of an Advanced Student

In Kumon, you will often hear parents talking about their child going beyond his grade level and studying more challenging topics – aka becoming an advanced student. This is constantly mentioned during Parent Orientations, Parent-Teacher Communications, and awarding sessions. It is a much-highlighted feature Kumon that sets the method apart from the rest. What is emphasized is how being an advanced student helps

What Does It Take to be an Advanced Student?

Seeing a six-year-old child answer logarithms and calculus is not an impossible feat. Or having a seven-year-old who can read literary classics like Oedipus or Hamlet as your child is not a game of fate. Not to mention an 11-year-old who can do both. With no magic involved, Kumon has developed competent students who have successfully advanced in their studies and completed the

Advancing Towards the Future

When Gaea Jazlin Tondo passed the Acceleration Test from kindergarten to grade two, Mr. Joel and Mrs. Genevieve Tonido tried to find a program that will prepare Gaea for grade two since she will be tackling advanced materials. They would pass by the Kumon Center whenever they would go to work and go home, and they saw that it offered Mathematics. So, they