What Does It Take to be an Advanced Student?

Seeing a six-year-old child answer logarithms and calculus is not an impossible feat.

Or having a seven-year-old who can read literary classics like Oedipus or Hamlet as your child is not a game of fate.

Not to mention an 11-year-old who can do both.

With no magic involved, Kumon has developed competent students who have successfully advanced in their studies and completed the Math and/or Reading Programs.

And yes, this could be your child!

Founder Toru Kumon said that advancement is the most important feature of Kumon because with this comes a high level of academic skills, self-confidence, discipline, a love for learning, and a challenging spirit—things your child will definitely need to lead a successful life.

But what does it take to become an advanced student? How did other Kumon students manage to advance beyond their grade level and eventually complete the program? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Your child is unique, with his own set of unique skills and abilities.

Never compare your child with the other Kumon students. Everyone is capable of progressing through the Kumon levels and advancing beyond their current school grade level — including your child. Rather than encouraging your child to compete with others, have him compete with himself. Encourage him to strive hard to meet his weekly or monthly goals, beat his standard completion time (SCT), number of correct pages, and more. Just encourage him to do his best in his Kumon studies!


Know your child’s progress by talking to your Kumon Instructor.

Simply doing the Kumon worksheets is not enough. By knowing how your child is faring in his Kumon study, you will be able to provide the needed support. It is important to know what your child’s current progress is and the Kumon levels he has to achieve in order to become an advanced student. Keep your communication lines with your Instructor open! Ask whether or not he’s way behind or within reach of the level he’s supposed to achieve for the week or month. Learn what your child have to do and the support you have to give to be able to advance properly.


Your child needs your presence more than your presents.

More than the new toys or dress which you could give your child after every Achievement Test in each level, it is also important to let your child feel your support as this will greatly help in his journey towards advancement. Talk to him about his difficulties or worries and offer advice and encouragement. If your child is meeting—or even beating his goals, praise him! Being actively involved in your child’s Kumon study would definitely go a long way.


Remember that each Kumon student has a chance to become an advanced student. A strong heart and the proper attitude are all it takes. More importantly, your support and guidance are equally essential factors to his success. The way towards becoming an advanced student will be challenging for you and your child but definitely fulfilling.


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