Your Child is More than an Achiever

Much has been written about holistic approaches to the development of a child. They say the most effective methods can simultaneously address the physical, emotional, relational, and intellectual aspects of a child’s life. In Kumon, there are a number of ways we help a child grow as an achiever holistically. One of the main activities that Kumon Instructors do regularly is to observe

Winners Never Quit

It was Kerby Gilan Salvador’s own desire to enroll in the Kumon Math Program that led him to excel even more in school and develop his confidence and independence. According to his parents, it was Kerby who persistently requested to be enrolled in Kumon. He was already an excellent student, but he wanted to improve his math skills further. “He was already a

Four to Tango: A Kumon Parent’s Pin to Success

It was a 2-Week Free Trial advertisement that came as a sign for Mrs. Melany Gabriel to push her daughter, Emille Angelie, to try Kumon. What started as a trial became a long-term stay and eventually, a deciding factor in enrolling Emille’s younger sister, Princess Victoria. Eight years later, Emille is now a Math and Reading Completer, while Princess is currently enrolled in

Love For Math From Then ‘Til Now

As long as Ma. Arselene Aquino could remember, math was her favorite subject. It’s no wonder that she was excited for her Kumon journey back in October 2002. She and her mother found out about Kumon through her classmate’s grandfather. After attending the Parent Orientation, her mother was amazed with how Kumon works and immediately registered her for the Free Trial available at

Why Having the Right Attitude Matters

“Every time I create a reason to quit, I also find a reason wanting to come back” This is how Leo Dones, a licensed Engineer, described his Kumon experience while trying to recall his Kumon journey way back in 2010. He was in third-year high school when his mom enrolled him in the program after knowing about the Free Trial campaign. Eight years

A Good Investment

Back home in Iligan, though he is the youngest among his classmates, Rocky tops in his academics. He lives an extraordinary life of a bubbly and smart child who loves to play video and internet games, surf the net, and even read all sorts of books. Having both parents as achievers, Judge Arassad and Judge Mylene Macumbal don’t regard Rocky as gifted or