Learning as a Family

By Teacher Marilou Perez of Baguio Study Center Whenever the Villanueva children visit my Kumon Center, you would not miss them. The three boys, Josemaria Philip, Juan Miguel, and Anthony Roland, are respectful, courteous, often smiling but quiet, as they guide their younger sister, Maria Bianca Olive, up the stairs. Now, the boys are all Kumon Math Completers. Anthony considered the Reading Program,

Wanting to Learn More

Before he turned two years old, Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Janice Laberinto noticed that Andre Miguel could already identify letters and numbers correctly. They were eager to nurture his gift and fulfill his will to learn, but they felt he was too young to be enrolled in school. So when they saw a Kumon 2-Week Free Trial flyer, they immediately researched more about