Wanting to Learn More

Before he turned two years old, Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Janice Laberinto noticed that Andre Miguel could already identify letters and numbers correctly. They were eager to nurture his gift and fulfill his will to learn, but they felt he was too young to be enrolled in school. So when they saw a Kumon 2-Week Free Trial flyer, they immediately researched more about it on the internet. After attending the Parent Orientation in a Center in Makati, they were convinced that the program would fit the needs of Andre, so they decided to enroll him in the Kumon Math Program. Even when they transferred to the Ilocos province, they did not think twice about enrolling him again in the Kumon Math Program – simply because of the academic benefits and the development of life skills gained by Andre.


“As I answer my worksheets every day, I have developed the habit of studying on a daily basis and have become more independent in doing my school homework. Also, since I have already mastered the topics that we discuss in school, I have more time to join extra-curricular activities.”

Andre was really happy when he found out that his parents enrolled him in Kumon. “I was excited because I really wanted to learn more,” he shared. The Kumon Math Program has made school much easier and more fun for Andre. Through the good grades he gets in school, he is consistently an honor student.

Mr. and Mrs. Laberinto can happily share how the Kumon Math Program has helped Andre gain benefits and opportunities. He has attained a solid foundation in math which allows him to easily understand his school subjects. Also, he has more free time to pursue extra-curricular activities without overburdening himself. He loves to write stories and play basketball in his free time. It has also given him confidence and a head start in school.

“Since preparatory, he has been a consistent honor student, and he has been a part of inter-school competitions and the MTAP. He has also developed discipline, endurance, and determination to finish what he has started. He finds joy in self-learning – a life skill which will be of utmost importance in leading a happy and fulfilling life.”

Andre’s Kumon journey has experienced some bumps. As he progresses through the worksheet levels, it has become challenging for his parents to keep up. It could get frustrating especially when Andre can’t answer the assigned homework and they are unable to help. Another challenge is that of distance. “Since we transferred to Ilocos, we had to adjust Andre’s Kumon study. We drive 45 kilometers every Saturday just to bring him to the Kumon Center. As much as we would like to be at the Center twice a week, this long travel to the nearest Kumon Center means that we can only manage to be there once a week. But Andre’s eagerness and enthusiasm to do Kumon make the travel worth it.

Andre dreams of becoming a Math Completer, and an engineer or architect simply because he knows he is doing great in math and he wants to build houses. “I want to nurture God’s gift to me so I can better serve Him and other people.”

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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