Why Knowing Children’s Current Academic Ability Can Help them Advance in School

Let’s start at the very beginning Throughout its history, one thing has become clear in the field of education: each student is unique. They have different talents, skills, and even learning styles. Some prefer learning through song, others by reading their books, while others learn best through their own first-hand experiences. This is why educators go the extra mile ideating different ways to

5 Proven Ways To Unlock Your Child’s Academic Potential

Allow them to discover all they have to offer It’s been discovered that there are many ways to unlock a child’s academic and intellectual potential—but through it all, there have been tried and tested methods that stood the test of time. So when it comes to unlocking your child’s capabilities, remember that while there are no shortcuts, there are some pointers to take

5 Things We Learned After A Year of Online Distance Learning

The virtual graduation ceremonies may have already concluded, but the first year of online distance learning deserves another look back This time last year, teachers and parents alike were still reeling from the unexpected turn into online distance learning brought about by the pandemic. In those first few months, many struggled and others might have even lost focus. But, at this point in