Why Knowing Children’s Current Academic Ability Can Help them Advance in School

Let’s start at the very beginning

Throughout its history, one thing has become clear in the field of education: each student is unique. They have different talents, skills, and even learning styles. Some prefer learning through song, others by reading their books, while others learn best through their own first-hand experiences. This is why educators go the extra mile ideating different ways to present their lessons. 

Even parents like you, put on your creative hat to discover how your child learns best. But in order to do so, it is important to start at the very beginning—finding out your child’s current abilities.  If you’re wondering why, here are a few reasons: 

It gives you a clear look at your child’s strengths (first).

In the best way possible, learning where your child’s current academic abilities lie can help you determine what their strengths are. There are multiple disciplines in education that each deserves your attention. Does your child pick up equations quickly? Does he tend to reach out for storybooks over colored markers? Is she more inclined to work with paper and pencil than learn from other learning tools? 

When you see where your child shines, you’re able to pick up and hone the innate strengths that he or she already has. 

It creates a good foundation.

When your child studies topics and lessons that match their current skill sets, they become more confident in answering their exercises and exams. Sooner rather than later, they learn that they can be more independent in their studies. It becomes clear that one set of lessons becomes the building blocks for another. 

Once this foundation and understanding are set, your child will have enough confidence to tackle things on their own. They’ll be able to study with little guidance and will satisfy their own curiosities. When you know your child’s current academic ability, you are giving them the proper opportunity to build on it. 

It gives you a good look at where your child is.

Most education systems follow a national curriculum set for the school year. Each grade level is given a certain set of lessons to learn and teachers are given topics that need to be taught. 

To supplement your child’s learning in school and truly expand his or her academic ability, consider after-school programs that can enrich their overall learning experience. This means exploring ways that will help them master their lessons, while also nourishing the values of confidence and independence. 

It allows you to help your child move forward.

When you, your child, and his or her educators know where to begin, you all know where to go—and, perhaps more importantly, you will all know how to get there. With this common goal in mind, students have the support system they need in order to advance further and become avid learners. 

As the song goes, the beginning is a very good place to start, which is why it’s so important to take the time with your child to take proper diagnostic tests, and have an open mind to whatever the results may be. It is with these types of tests that your child and anyone involved with his or her education can work together to improve and widen his or her knowledge. 

And with the new school just getting started, now is the perfect time to learn where your child is academically and how he or she can discover other skills and abilities. Amidst the pandemic, there are after-school programs that conduct online diagnostic tests while you and your child stay safely at home.  

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