The Benefits of Completion

The goal of reaching the finish line is something that everyone shares. Be it reaching the most advanced level of a video game, celebrating the great ending of a movie, or successfully forming the final pyramid in a performance, the sense of pride and relief settles in when you realize that you have reached your end goal.

The same thing happens in Kumon. Initially, you enroll to get good grades in school or to improve your calculation ability. But as you progress through the program, you will start to realize that you have an end goal you want to achieve. An end goal that gives you fulfillment and satisfaction for completing something you worked hard for – an end goal like completing the Kumon Program.

You might not think of this as something that will help you in the future, especially since you do not see yourself in a career that would need knowledge in calculus or Shakespeare’s works. But that’s not the only thing that Kumon gives you. Let me share the benefits that you can gain when you have Kumon Program completion as the end goal:

  • Mastery of high school math ahead of time

Eventually, you will tackle advanced topics in Kumon, topics which you haven’t tackled yet in school. This means that you have already mastered the topics you are currently studying in school, giving you more time to study other subjects.

  • Academic growth

Since you start at a level that you are most comfortable with, you get to master the basics and build a good foundation before moving on to more challenging topics. With this, you develop the abilities and skills – reading comprehension and mental calculation – you would need to face these challenges.

  • Character development

With the challenges and experiences you dealt with on your own, you develop both confidence and perseverance. You know what you can do, and you believe that you can always learn something new. Also, you know and believe that you will get to your goal as long as you keep on trying.

  • Willingness to explore

Having enough belief in yourself and knowing that you can do more opens your eyes to the possibilities that the world can offer. You become curious and start exploring other interesting fields. You go out of your comfort zone, and you welcome new experiences.

  • More career choices

With the needed skills and abilities plus a developed character, you have several career paths in front of you. Kumon gives you an advantage since you are prepared to tackle even the college courses that others tend to avoid, especially the math-related ones. Also, today’s world demands a high level of comprehension and critical thinking – things that you already possess.

You are the master of your own journey. Your decisions and your end goals lie in your hands, whatever those may be. Always remember that completion of the Kumon Program not only pushes you to strive for excellence but also encourages you to do more, reach further, and dream bigger.

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