The Dynamo Student

Called “the dynamo” (dynamite) by his parents, Alkim Rodgel Gosioco is a young boy with a wide array of interests. He began to browse all kinds of printed materials at the age of two and a half years old and is very interested in cars and airplanes. In fact, with much enthusiasm, he can name all car brands and models, including their parts and accessories. At the age of seven, he was already a pro at time management – balancing his time among scouting, taekwondo, soccer, and dance classes.

Now, where does Kumon come into the picture? Simply put, Alkim can do all these and more because of Kumon.

Getting Through

In his first few weeks in the program, Alkim thought that being a Kumon student would be easy. However, this feeling began to subside as he started learning topics beyond his school grade level. “I was not able to understand new topics and committed more mistakes. Sometimes, I felt confused. After all, I was only a preparatory student doing high school math then.”

How did Alkim overcome this challenge? He listened attentively and carefully to his Instructor, especially when he was tackling new topics.

“It became easier for me to solve the difficult problems because my Instructor always reminds me to refer to previous worksheets and examples as a guide – to be able to see and understand the relationship between the previous problems and the new ones.”

Learning and Having Fun

Kumon became a big help for Alkim in school. He is now more prepared for his lessons because he can apply the topics he has learned in Kumon. “Now, I can say that it is more fun going to school. I ranked the top spots in my pre-school and grade school years, plus I was consistently chosen to participate in various competitions.”

In terms of character, Alkim has evolved from a shy boy to a confident one. He is now more comfortable mingling with his peers and joining different clubs. Also, he can apply skills that he has learned in Kumon to his extra-curricular activities.

“Taekwondo and soccer require focus, discipline, and being goal-oriented. I can do better in school, in Kumon, and my other activities because I have learned the value of managing my time, keeping my eyes on my goal, and believing in myself.”

Parental Support

Being involved in the Kumon Program for several years, Mrs. Gosioco has witnessed how Kumon can change a child’s life in the same way that it became a vehicle for his son, Alkim, to discover his potential and reach his dreams.

Her primary advice to her fellow parents? Do not give up and give in.

Yes, it is difficult for parents to see their child crying and asking if they can stop Kumon already. But at the end of the day, one reaps the fruits of hard work.

“I can attest that my husband and I have seen the miracle of how a simple task of completing Kumon daily worksheets has helped Alkim develop character and acquire life skills such as motivation, confidence, concentration, focus, independence, discipline, perseverance, mastery, speed, accuracy, good study habits, and time management.”

After all, Kumon is a process – a process that takes time and unfolds every day. It is a process that requires consistency – the key to unleashing a child’s potential. This is what pushed Alkim to become what he is today.


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