There’s an Einstein in Every Child

Einstein’s achievements are monumental, leading many to ask: was Einstein’s brain different?

A look at his childhood history would show you two things that are not commonly known about him.

1. Einstein was a slow learner in one particular area—speaking.

2. Einstein wasn’t exactly the A+ textbook learner in school that most of us imagine him to be. In fact, Einstein’s greatest experiments were not planned in equations but he first thought of them in pictures. For example, he tried to visualize what it would be like to ride alongside a light beam and 10 years later, he came up with the theory of relativity.

So the answer is yes, Einstein’s brain is different – just like everyone else’s. But one isn’t necessarily better than the other—just different. Likewise, it’s not only Einstein who can accomplish great feats. Your child can be an Einstein, too!


Every child has a potential to be great—but this potential for greatness needs to be nurtured. That is why founder Toru Kumon made it his life mission to spread the Kumon Method of Learning because this is the very reason for its existence—pursuing children’s potential.

But beyond developing strong academic skills, the Kumon Method focuses on developing a child’s study attitude – a child with confidence, high motivation, and a desire to learn new things.

Give Kumon a try by joining the 2-week Free Trial Campaign! Once it is over and you’ve gotten a taste of what Kumon can offer, we encourage you to enroll, stay, and continue. Let Kumon discover the Einstein in your child.


Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.


  1. Myradel Samson

    December 19, 2018

    When is this 2weeks free trial campaign? Is it all kumon centers? Thank u.

    • Kumon Philippines

      December 19, 2018

      Hi Ms. Samson!

      The Free Trial Campaign will run from February 15-28, 2019. May we know your location? This is for us to find the nearest Center in your area offering the trial.

      Thank you!

  2. Rechel Luder

    December 22, 2018

    Hi when will be the registration for the free trial on feb 2019

    • Kumon Philippines

      January 8, 2019

      Hi Ms. Rechel,

      You can register in Kumon’s two-week Free Trial starting January 14, 2019 until February 14, 2019. Just contact the nearest Kumon Center in your area to schedule a Parent Orientation and a Diagnostic Test for your child.

      Thank you!

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