Why Am I Here?

Have you ever wondered why your parents keep pushing you to finish your worksheets? Or why do your teachers in Kumon always encourage you to give your best?

Have you ever thought deeply as to why your parents enrolled you? Or why you keep on doing and repeating worksheet after worksheet?

It may not have been an easy journey for you, but being in Kumon for a number of months, or even years, may have had an impact on your study habits and even your attitude towards life, right?

For some of you who are on the verge of giving up or even thinking about putting down your pencil and calling it quits, here are a few reminders as to why you should not quit.

You are in Kumon to maximize your potential.

In Kumon, we believe that every child has the potential to succeed. Be it in academics, sports, the arts, or music, skills are not developed overnight. Talent can be enhanced and improved. For Instructors to help you enhance your skills, they provide you with the necessary instruction through the worksheets. Much like any activity that requires mastery, practice is an essential activity to help you become a better student, athlete, artist, or musician. You do this every day in Kumon by doing your worksheets.

Instructors also assess your improvement and abilities. They provide you with the best support they can give and help you be able to reach your goals without teaching too much. That’s because they want you to become independent. To unleash your potential, your teachers assess how far you can go and endure. They want to see you do math calculations and understand passages with ease so it can help you in school and beyond. An easier time in school means more fun in school, right?


You are in Kumon because you can be whoever you want to be later in life.

So, we have now established that you have immense potential. This means you can be whoever you want to be when you grow up! You can be a doctor, an engineer, a chef, an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a teacher, or even the president of our country. Because, why not? The choices are endless! You can be whoever you want to be because you are equipped with the right skills, the discipline, and the drive to achieve your goals in life. That’s what your Instructors and even your parents want out of you after you finish your Kumon journey.

By discovering your potential, you learn a lot about yourself. Your options are not limited. You have a variety of choices of courses in college and careers after. The skills you gain in Math and Reading have a great impact on your learning ability. These values you’ll learn in Kumon will immensely help you in your chosen career:

  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Confidence
  • Self-learning

You are in Kumon because your parents love you.

Everything that your parents do for you is because of the simple fact that they love you. They want you to grow up to be successful and happy. Your parents enrolled you in Kumon because they believe that it can help you become someone who is well-equipped for the challenges of the future.

They enrolled you in Kumon not to give you a hard time but to help you improve your study habits, gain discipline, and realize your dreams. Your parents want to see you achieve your dreams and goals in life the right way. And isn’t it a good feeling whenever we make our parents proud? You can do this in Kumon every day by doing your worksheets religiously and by being able to advance in the program.


These are just some of the reasons why you are in Kumon. There may be a lot of other reasons why you are here. But do think about this:

What you are doing in Kumon now is for your future not just for today.

So don’t fret if you are having a hard time with your Kumon worksheets or when your parents push you to keep doing your Kumon at home. The hardships shall pass. Do your best. And remember…

winners never quit!

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