Why Daily Study Habit is Important

ACTUAL: The clock reads 9:00 p.m., and you still have a 10-page book report to submit the next day.

FACT: The deadline was given two weeks ago.

ACTUAL:  Three times this week, you are always running late for your 10:30 a.m. class

FACT: You slept late because you needed to accomplish your presentation that was assigned a month ago.


These are just two of the countless scenarios of the classic, cramming.  Sadly, this has been the practice of most students. Many students believe that they are able to think well and perform better if they are pressured by time. Others enjoy the ‘rush’ and feel that bright ideas come at the last minute.

You must keep in mind that cramming is not learning. Yes, you may pass or even ace the quarterly exam after the two-hour tedious review. But, after a week or two, if one asks you again about the lessons for the past quarter, more likely, you won’t be able to remember half of the syllabus!

It is because your brain has processed all information, only resulting in mental stress.  Your brain isn’t prepared for such lengthy mental exercises! If you regularly solve a lot of calculations or read long passages, many places in your brain become active and strong, then you can use it to manage all kinds of difficult tasks.* After all, brain activities help the brain develop, and the result is a strong brain.


That is why daily study habit is highly valued in Kumon. As the worksheet study is individually designed according to your ability, it is also planned to be studied on a daily basis. For 30-45 minutes daily, math and reading exercises are not stuffed all at once.  Thus, there is more room for gradual learning. Because of being exposed to the study materials every single day, you are able to retain what you have read and studied. In the same way, as Kumon time becomes part of your routine, in no time, you will realize that you will be able to properly manage your time for school, family, friends, and Kumon!

So, why master the art of cramming when you can relax and enjoy the extra time?


*Kawashima, Ryuta. Train you Brain, Kumon Publishing Co., Ltd. 2001.

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