Why Does Studying in Advance Matter?

Cramming for a big exam can put you under a lot of pressure. This practice can also increase your chances of forgetting almost everything you have studied the night before, especially when you fail to have enough sleep.

This only means that you must change your study habits and focus on what really matters – preparing before exams. Aside from organizing your preparations for the exam, it would help if you remained consistent with your study time and habits. No matter how busy you are as a student, spending time preparing for important tests is a must!

Here are some reasons why studying in advance matters:

1. Your productivity increases.

When you study in advance, you’ll have more time to study other lessons at school and do your extra-curricular activities. Also, you can focus on your lessons much better since you won’t have to study everything in one go. Studying topics in an organized manner allows you to have an easier time in storing information. The time you spend studying in advance helps you plan your study schedule to avoid cramming.

2. You feel less stress.

Planning out your study schedule and preparing in advance will lessen your stress. In a sense, you are also starting to instill discipline in yourself. It is far more fulfilling to ace your studies without putting out too much effort at the last minute because of cramming. Clearing your mind of worries and having enough rest is a must before big exams so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

3. You achieve your study goals much quicker.

Have you ever felt that your lessons start to pile up on you and that you have to move on to another topic without fully understanding the previous one? When you continue with this, you might arrive at a point where you can’t handle new topics any more. This is why it is important to set study goals and stick to them so that you have enough time to tackle each lesson with ease.

4. You develop independence.

The best advantage you can get from studying in advance is that you develop independence – in deciding for your own and in instilling discipline on yourself. It is your responsibility to prepare for big exams or to study new topics, so it’s up to you on how you can deal with them. Once you are set with a study plan, you become more systematic and responsible for yourself.

If you are a Kumon student, studying in advance is always practiced. Kumon also recognizes students who can advance beyond their school grade level. This recognition is the Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR) created by Mr. Toru Kumon to appreciate well-performing students. Be part of the ASHR list today, and keep advancing!

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