Why Self-Learning is a Beneficial Skill

If your children enjoy learning on their own – whether in academics or extra-curricular activities, it means that they trust their skills, and are up for any challenge. In Kumon, we identify this as self-learning.

Basically, self-learning is taking in information, processing it, and retaining it without the need for another individual to be teaching in order for children to gain understanding. As a parent, you may have some qualms about self-learning especially since you are used to someone teaching your children from start to end.

Indeed, being a self-learner has its benefits; so you don’t have to worry much about your children if they decide to work on their own. Here are just a few benefits that your children gain from becoming a self-learner:

1. Your children develop better memory retention.

Studies show that children who learn concepts on their own can better remember and retain this knowledge. When your children re-trace their steps when correcting mistakes or when evaluating how problems were solved, there is a high probability that your children have learned important concepts correctly.

2. Your children realize their responsibilities.

When children learn something on their own, they gain a sense of ownership for what they have done and created. Your children demonstrate this when they explain how they came up with certain ideas, and how they answer questions. Moreover, they can easily defend their answer since they are now accountable of their thoughts, words, and actions. This also gives your children a moment to shine when recognized for their good work and effort.

3. Your children develop good work ethic.

When children learn how to do one thing on their own, they then become driven to do succeeding tasks on their own too! This habit of completing tasks individually is a good work ethic you can observe in your children especially if they stick to a routine. Aside from this, your children are already aware of when to ask for help.

4. Your children’s character starts developing.

When your children exhibit high determination and motivation towards their studies and extra-curricular activities, this means that they are ready to face any kind of challenge. Giving up would be their last option and they would tend to try again and again until they get anything right.

5. Your children are ready to go outside of their comfort zone.

Since they are already capable of self-learning, your children’s opportunities start to widen. They are not afraid to learn new things and are open to anything that comes their way. They would also exhibit an interest in new experiences and challenges – things they are yet to encounter.

Yes, self-learning is a big step that you and your child are taking. But always keep in mind that this is one big step closer to your child’s success and to the achievement of his biggest dream.

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  1. Liwayway Basco

    August 18, 2020

    How much normally do you charge? I have a grandson his a slow learner. His in 3rd grade. They live in Bacoor Cavite. pls let me know how the program goes.
    Thank you

    • Kumon Philippines

      August 18, 2020

      Dear Mr./Ms. Liwayway,

      Thank you for your inquiry!

      Here are the tuition fees of the Kumon Program in Cavite:

      Grade 6 and below: Php 1800 pesos per subject, per month
      Grade 7 and up: Php 1950 pesos per subject, per month
      Registration Fee: Php 500 pesos (one-time fee)

      The Kumon Program aims for your grandson to develop the basic skills in order to tackle advanced materials with ease and on his own. This is achieved through studying worksheets daily for 30 minutes at home. We have two options for Kumon Study at Home: through the My Kumon App or through Homework Exchange.

      You can get discuss more about the program and the home study options by contacting any of our Kumon Centers in Bacoor, Cavite. Here are the details:

      Name of Center: Bacoor Center
      Address: 238-240 Maraudi Bldg., Aguinaldo Highway, Niog 2 Bacoor, Cavite (Inside the compound of Jollibee Niog/RCBC Niog)
      Contact Number/s: (046) 417 3880
      Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kumonbacoorcenter/

      Name of Center: Habay 1-Tirona Highway Center
      Address: Unit B, Elena Bldg., 304 Tirona Hi-way, Habay 1, Bacoor, Cavite (Near Theresian School of Cavite)
      Contact Number/s: (046) 571 8379, 0908 815 8266
      Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kumonhabay1tironahighwaycenter/

      Name of Center: Macaria Ave. (Molino Road) Center
      Address: Unit 19-22 Second Floor, JUMPH Bldg., Molino Road cor. Macaria Ave., Molino II, Bacoor City, Cavite (In front of Mcdonald’s)
      Contact Number/s: (046) 435 2688, 0917 848 4707
      Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kumonmacariamolinoofficial/

      Name of Center: Pag-asa – Molino Center
      Address: Block 11, Lot 19/21, Unit 2 NRR Bldg., Phase 2-C, Avenida Rizal St., Bahayang Pag-asa Sub. Molino 5, Bacoor, Cavite (Near SM Savemore Market)
      Contact Number/s: (046) 515 6420
      Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kumonpagasamolinocenter/

      Name of Center: Verdana Village (Molino IV) Center
      Address: Unit 101 & 102 L & R Bldg., Verdana Village Molino IV, Daang Hari, Bacoor City, Cavite (Near EVIA Mall)
      Contact Number/s: 0917 803 2267, 0922 898 6939
      Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kumonverdanavillagemolino4centerofficial/

      Thank you!

  2. Sharifah

    June 16, 2021

    Great article. Wish to share with other parents. Hope that’s ok. Take care all.

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