With Kumon, the impossible becomes possible

Dear Kumon,

Thank you, Kumon, for providing us with a quality education that enables us to understand our school lessons better! It has been an incredible journey taken with solid determination in studying Mathematics since third grade. I am genuinely grateful beyond measure for having been able to learn and grow with the aid of the Kumon Math Program.

Admittedly at first, I was not good enough at solving math problems quickly.

Nevertheless, I was glad to discover the Kumon Program, which my school teacher had spoken about. My love for learning developed as I continuously indulged myself in understanding math solutions without losing enthusiasm. Henceforth, my math skills improved, boosting my confidence in answering analytical questions. Thus, I realized that passion really drives us to keep going.

Throughout my third and fourth grade years, I recognized that Kumon does not only help me advance solely in math and other subjects since it allows students to think logically, which makes a huge difference in enhancing comprehension.

With firm discipline, a deep passion for learning, and the unceasing support of my family and Kumon teachers, I achieved my goal of becoming a 5-year-advanced Math student in 2018 in fifth grade. Not only was I able to excel in Kumon, but also, I have been a consistent 1st honor student since the year I enrolled in the program. With Kumon, the impossible becomes possible, and my dreams become a reality.

Meeting my ultimate goal requires dedication to finding a balance between school work and Kumon worksheets. There were even times that I was usually the last student to finish worksheets in our Kumon Center. Yet, it feels immensely gratifying every time I get to finish my assignments and be rewarded with certificates of completion at every Math level.

Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, online learning also remains easy for me since I have been accustomed to effective self-learning with proper time management – thanks to the efficient method that the Kumon Program has imparted to students like me.

Kumon made the most significant impact on my academic excellence and character development. One more level left for me to finally achieve my aspiration of becoming a Math Completer, but that does not mean that I will eventually arrive at my destination because learning never stops, as Kumon has taught me. I am always grateful to have such supportive teachers in Kumon and a family who inspired me to go the extra mile. All these benefits that I have gained and all the goals that I have attained have truly made me a proud Kumon student. 

Kathleen Erispe
E. Rodriguez-Cubao Center


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