Words from a Kumon Completer

By Kumon Completer Isaiah Mari Codilla of Mabini (Tagum) Center

You as a Kumon student may say,

“Why Kumon?”

“Why finish it?”

“What’s the point?”

“It’s too tiring.”

As a Kumon Completer, I can say it is perfectly okay to think about those things. I have been there and you are not alone. When I was at that point in my Kumon journey, I really wanted to quit. All I thought of was how much work I had to do before I could complete the Math Program.

If you feel like quitting, and have the same thoughts I had but you also want to finish it badly, try this:

Don’t think of how far you’ll have to go; rather, think of how far you’ve come. If you were able to do it before, how much more in the future?

Think positively. Think of your reward. Changing my perspective helped me greatly throughout my Kumon journey.

Choose to make each of your worksheets a masterpiece. Do it little by little. Don’t think of that enormous pile of worksheets you have to answer; rather, focus on that next question you are going to solve.

And to those Kumon students who are in their last levels and feel like quitting:

Stay strong, hold your ground, and do not give up. Just a bit more and you will get there. You can do it!

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  1. thus kumon provides the material needs of a child if enrolled on your program and other things? how long is the program? thanks.

    • Kumon Philippines

      June 5, 2019

      Hi Ms. Beverlyn,

      Yes, all materials are provided by Kumon upon enrollment. A student’s stay in the program would be dependent on his/her ability and pace in the program. This could range from 2 to 3 years or more – depending on the student’s ability.

      Thank you!

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