Better than Average

Kumon has taught me that success really takes time and effort. If I really want to achieve something, I have to exert effort constantly until I reach it. Success doesn’t come overnight, but it will come at the right time, with patience and determination.

Ysabelle Pangilinan identifies herself as an average student – neither the most intelligent person in class, nor the achiever. This is the main reason why her parents decided to enroll her and her siblings in Kumon. Her parents found out about the Kumon Method from common friends and heard countless testimonials about how it has helped developed the habits of their children.

“After participating in the Free Trial and seeing how the program can help my siblings and I, my parents realized that we had so much potential that can be unleashed if we enroll in the program. So they decided to do just that – enroll us in the Reading Program first then in the Math Program after a few months.”

Armed with a degree in Industrial Pharmacy and with plans to pursue medicine, Ysa can attest that, indeed, Kumon has pursued her potential, ignited her passion for reading and learning, and pushed her one step closer to success.

Managing Time and Expectations

Making time for Kumon while juggling academics and extra-curricular activities in high school wasn’t easy. There were times when Ysa would arrive home and want to spend the energy she has left on homework and projects; but after quite some time, she got the hang of it.

More than finishing the program, Ysa realizes now that her ultimate goal was to make her parents and teachers proud of her. She learned that nothing would make them prouder than seeing her finally take and finish her Completion Test.

“As the eldest, there was a lot of pressure on me to complete. When my parents told me that I should be a role model to my siblings, I took this to heart. I even saw it happen when my sister completed the program after I completed it – I saw my reflection in her. Our youngest two siblings are still enrolled in Kumon so I always remind them of the benefits of the method and the investment we have made.”

Developing Skills and Values

Kumon has become a part of Ysa’s life that she would never forget. Kumon has taught her the value of three things:

Currently, Ysa is working as a regulatory pharmacist. This role requires her to ensure that all their products are safe, effective, and of quality for their patients. This entails reading and comprehending countless articles and legislations regarding pharmaceutical products, drafting letters, and communicating with all types of people in her field.

Kumon made me realize that I am capable of achieving greater heights. Because of that, I dream bigger and push towards a better version of myself for my future. This is why I took the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) two years ago and plan on enrolling in medical school by this year.

Her advice for her fellow Kumon students?

Never. Give. Up.

“I may not be the first person to tell you this but this advice is applicable not only to your Kumon journey, but in life as well. There are things far more difficult than what you’re experiencing now, and I promise you that Kumon is only equipping you with the skills you need for the challenges ahead. Always remember that all the hard work, time, and effort you exert temporarily will be rewarded in the end.”


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