A Lesson to Be Learned

Lessons are always fun,and some are learned,when you feel like,everything is done. Some lessons are hard,and sometimes, tears are shed.But always keep your guard,and always look ahead. There are always lessons,difficult to accept.Learn to take it in,and strengthen your grit. Do your best,and leave to God the rest,After you’ve got what you’ve earned,remember: there is always a lesson learned. Bianca Aurora Lim, White

Xandrel Rain Manaois

Steps in succeeding: Step 1: LISTEN. Listening is different from just hearing. Listening will help you learn in different ways. Step 2: BE HONEST. Next to listening is learning to be honest. If you are not honest enough, you will try to cheat your way through success. STEP 3: BE PATIENT. You may be honest, but what would happen if you always give