Xandrel Rain Manaois

Steps in succeeding:

Step 1: LISTEN. Listening is different from just hearing. Listening will help you learn in different ways.

Step 2: BE HONEST. Next to listening is learning to be honest. If you are not honest enough, you will try to cheat your way through success.

STEP 3: BE PATIENT. You may be honest, but what would happen if you always give up? Be patient towards reaching your goal.

STEP 4: BE WILLING. If you have patience, then you need to have the will to work hard because all your effort will pay off!

STEP 5: MANAGE YOUR TIME. Learn how to manage your time. Balance your school and Kumon time, lessen your playing time for more time in learning.


Xandrel Rain Manaois, Sto. Rosario (Capas) Center

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