Top 4 Places Where We See and Use Math

“Do I really need to learn math?” The answer is, yes! Math is present everywhere – in nature, in technology, in money, and many more. It is more than just solving problems or critical thinking, but it’s also there to prepare us in facing challenging problems in the future. Here are some aspects in which you can see the outright use and presence

4 Activities to Bump Your Productivity!

We all love to talk about productivity. It makes us motivated to be better the next time we face a challenging task. But it’s not that easy to stay in momentum since there are a lot of factors that hinder us in using our full potential when we accomplish our tasks. To develop the best practices when it comes to being productive, you

4 Ways to Set Up Your Reading Corner at Home

Have your checked your books lately? If you have a mini-library at home, now is the best time to arrange your books and continue reading them! Whether it’s in a rack or a shelf – here are the best ways to arrange your mini-library for your ultimate reading project: 1. AlphabeticallyThis is the most reliable method you can count on, especially when you

The Tree of Knowledge

Thank you Kumon! I learned a lot in math and reading through your help. My study has become more meaningful and easier too. I owe it all to Kumon! Mark John Lei Padre | 9 years oldEsguerra District (Talavera) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home page

What Math is for Me

I love math. Don’t you?It is Science’s language,That’s why I made it through. From addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division,It is the easiest thing to solve.This is through my imagination through my brain. Math is for all,Everybody can join!From short to tall,To a silver coin.I’ve been smart at this,Even in its deepest abyss,To its bottomless pit. This is my life’s subject until I die.