Every Child Can Become Excellent!!!

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a child, you must have been asked this question several times. And your answer to this question surely changed as you grew up. But, one thing is certain — you have always wanted to be the best, to be excellent. It is said and believed that excellent students are born with extraordinary

The Perfect Partner Towards Success

Many things go so well together, peanut butter with jelly, cookies with milk, afternoon tea and biscuits, and so many more. One complements the other, thus forming a ‘perfect fit’ for each other. As parents, you constantly search for that perfect fit in your children’s journey to success. You aim to find that perfect parents that will help develop both your child academic

Set the Challenge

Setting goals is one of the most basic and essential steps in any endeavor. It is your basis for setting a study schedule, routine, progress, and pace in your studies and other activities. Initially, you start by setting easy goals – those that can be achieved with just the right amount of effort and hard work. Eventually, you set more challenging goals as

Five-Step Plan to Goal Setting

If there is one essential activity that you must do during the start of the year, it would be goal setting. This is important because it gives you a strong sense of purpose that boosts your confidence, better focus that leads to better decision-making, and deeper motivation to achieve all goals. Whether it be personal or academic goals, it’s always better to train

5 Homework Habits that Work

Homework is said to be a constant and essential part of every child’s everyday routine. You could be a seven-year-old who has to complete homework on weekdays or an eighteen-year-old who has a long list of to-dos on weekends – homework is an essential thing that needs to be done. With this in mind, it is good for you to get into a

5 Steps to Studying Math with Ease

Studying math can be quite challenging, especially if it’s not a subject you are most fond of. However, studying math can be made easier if you have the right attitude and motivation to work hard. Yes, math can be complicated at times; but it can be easy as well. Here are 5 steps to guide you in studying math with ease: Practice, practice,

Growing Up With Kumon

I started Kumon in the year 2012. I was only 3 and a half years old. The program helped me learn a lot and be able to write. Thanks to my Kumon Instructor and Kumon Philippines, I was accelerated into preparatory classes when I entered school. Kumon trained me to be disciplined, to study, to focus, and to be determined to learn and