Thank You, Teacher!

To all the Kumon teachers, thank you for teaching us and helping us learn our lessons. Thank you also for supporting us and working hard for us! Kumon becomes a great place for us because of you, teachers. Thank you for being our second parents and for being our good teachers! Louiziana Nicola DiñoSan Miguel (Iriga) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital

On Good Instruction

I am the mother of Rixine, my daughter, whom I decided to enroll in Kumon. This is because of the good feedback we have received on how Kumon teachers teach their students to understand their lessons, especially the young ones like my daughter. Mrs. Cyndi Cequeña, mother of Rixine CequeñaPantok (Binangonan) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home page

Going for Gold

When I was in grade one, my Math and Reading worksheets became hard to do. I always had mistakes in my worksheets, and I would sometimes ask my teachers for help because I didn’t know how to answer them. But, I started getting used to answering my worksheets until I didn’t have to ask my teachers for answers. Still, I would make mistakes