Your Child is More than an Achiever

Much has been written about holistic approaches to the development of a child. They say the most effective methods can simultaneously address the physical, emotional, relational, and intellectual aspects of a child’s life. In Kumon, there are a number of ways we help a child grow as an achiever holistically. One of the main activities that Kumon Instructors do regularly is to observe

It’s Never Too Young to Start in Kumon

Enrolling a child in a learning center at an early age has been a source of debate among parents and professionals. Some say that children should be allowed enough time to have fun, while some encourage early learning for better brain and motor skills development. In Kumon, Mr. Toru Kumon’s philosophy centered on the child’s unlimited potential to grow and develop. He believed

Attaining Balance in One’s Everyday Routine

Busy and hectic are just two of the words that can describe a day in a Kumon student’s life. Your child usually starts his day by going to school with some extracurricular and afterschool activities (including Kumon) in the afternoon. He then spends some time with friends and family before he eventually ends the day by doing homework and completing house chores. Yes,

Free Trial? Free Kumon Experience!

Josh Chael Villanueva reached an amazing feat in 2019 – he became the youngest Kumon Math Program Completer of Zamboanga City Center! How did he do it? He was able to manage his Kumon worksheets and school work at the young age of eight. Mrs. Joyce Villanueva, Josh’s mother, discovered her son’s love for numbers and gift in math. She wanted to develop

How Parents’ Support Developed a Multi-Talented Child

Every parent believes that his or her child is uniquely smart and talented. This holds true for Mr. Manuel and Mrs. Marjorie Montenegro since it has been their tradition to be equally present whenever Marielle Charlize, their daughter, is set to receive an award for her achievements. Indeed, just like other parents, Mr. and Mrs. Montenegro celebrate their daughter’s successes as a family.

Resolutions, Resolutions!

It’s 2020! How were your resolutions in 2019? Were you able to accomplish them all? As another year opens, it’s best to reflect on the achievements you’ve done for yourself and for others. More importantly, you should give yourself a high five for making 2019 spectacular! Nothing is more exciting than planning what you want to do next and what challenges you’ve been