Why Now Is the Best Time To Enroll Your Child In After-School Learning Programs

While students have since begun to adapt to online learning, there’s no denying the fact that they’re more prone to distractions for the better part of the year. After all, being at home, within reach of toys, games, and other activities, is likely to get in the way of learning. Fortunately, there’s one sure way to curb the distractions and keep your child’s focus on their learning:

25 years of nurturing ​Filipinos’ love for learning

Like most great ideas, this educational program began because parents saw a need for their child and addressed it. In 1954, a second-grade elementary student named Takeshi Kumon brought home a math test that worried his mother, Teiko Kumon. Teiko then spoke to her husband, Toru Kumon, who happened to be a high school math teacher. To address their son’s problem, Toru began

Kumon Completers: How Far Have They Gone Today?

Even after students complete their Kumon study, their eagerness to pursue greatness doesn’t dwindle but flourishes even more. Their journey in Kumon, filled with academic and life lessons, has ignited their hearts and minds to gear up for endless possibilities ahead. Attesting to these are Kumon Completers Carvey Ehren Maigue, Nicole Alexis Tan, Ma. Arselene Aquino, and Engr. Leo Dones. The Kumon days