Why Now Is the Best Time To Enroll Your Child In After-School Learning Programs

While students have since begun to adapt to online learning, there’s no denying the fact that they’re more prone to distractions for the better part of the year. After all, being at home, within reach of toys, games, and other activities, is likely to get in the way of learning. Fortunately, there’s one sure way to curb the distractions and keep your child’s focus on their learning: after-school learning programs. If you haven’t tried it yourself or are still hesitant to try it, here are a few things that just might convince you to give it a go.

1. Keep them busy

With less face time with friends, teachers, and extended family, it can get difficult to fill in the hours of a child’s day. School may keep them busy for the first few hours, but what’s there for them to do for the rest of the day? Unless you’re able to give your child activities, it’s likely that they’ll end up spending hours in front of the television or a gadget.

The good thing is that after-school learning programs give your child the chance to fill their hours with more challenging tasks that allow the practice of lessons or help them understand more difficult concepts.

2. Keep them sharp

While children used to have the opportunity to converse with classmates about lessons between and after classes, that sense of community is hard to replicate in remote learning. By enrolling in supplemental learning sessions, your child will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned in school and even learn new and advanced topics.

3. Make learning more fun

While schools tend to treat students relatively the same, you and your child can choose an after-school program that’s more suited to their tastes and preferences. This option gives the opportunity for learning to be more fun, and therefore more optimal, for your child.

4. Reinforce values

After-school programs are designed to guide your child as they accomplish worksheets and activities, and to provide guidance and motivation as needed. In this way, your child is reinforced with the values of independence, perseverance, and self-learning. Not only are these values pivotal in a child’s academic performance, they are also building blocks on which they will eventually develop life skills outside of the classroom.

5. Build self-confidence

For children who have a hard time learning in the classroom and tend to feel anxious in front of their peers, after-school programs may be the breath of fresh air that they need to truly focus and absorb their lessons.

As your child begins at a level that they’re comfortable with, make it a point to let them know that there’s no pressure to keep up or compete with peers. At the same time, once your child does move forward from one after-school lesson to another, they’ll be able to apply what they have learned to and beyond the standard classroom.

After-school learning programs provide several benefits to students and their parents. And with remote learning becoming the norm for the foreseeable future, enrolling your child in a supplementary program might just be the key that will help keep your child on track with their studies.

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