You’ll never know if you never try

Hello, Kumon! This is my birthday and Thank You message for you. You have inspired me throughout the 5 years I have been doing Kumon. Thank you for letting kids like me learn more about reading. Thank you also to my teachers for being amiable, and patient when you teach me. Cheers to 25 years! Krisha Mehriel CamusLos Baños Learning Center >>Go back

More awesome years with Kumon!

Hi, Kumon! I am so happy that you are sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. I have learned a lot from you and will be forever grateful that I learned to read quickly through your method. To more awesome years with you! More power and God bless. Sincerely, Samantha Elise Samantha Elise CaneteOrmoc City Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home

Setting Up My Child for Success

We believe Kumon is setting up Joaquin for success. He would sometimes tell us that what he’s learning in primary school is something that he already learned in Kumon. As Kumon parents, we just need to continue being patient, being there for him, giving him words of encouragement, and, if needed, rewarding him with things that he finds pleasurable.

4 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Set Up Your Child’s Future Success

Give them the biggest chance to succeed It’s only natural that parents want to give their child everything within their power—from sending them to the best schools to giving them a proper diet and being with them—to provide their child with the best chance at a holistically successful future. But how can a parent help ensure this success without breaking the bank? Fortunately,